Filtering elastic resin


We have used Formlabs 2 for quite a while in out work with Tough, Clear, Flexible, Rigid and our new resin is Elastic.

I have just noticed that a lot of debris left after each and every print, requiring to filtering the resin before each use. The problem is that the filtering mash (190 micron) recommended is clogged after a minute or two, requiring to remove parts from the mash with a spoon. I tried to left it overnight in the filter and nothing moves.

Someone else got a problem with filtering? thinking on a less dense filter, any recommendation?



It depends on your prints, of course, but if your prints are successful, they shouldn’t be leaving lots of debris in your tank, it doesn’t sound normal.

If you’re seeing that, it could suggest that the debris is coming off your parts during the print, or else, it’s small bits of resin being cured by stray light from dirty optics.

Elastic resin is a higher viscosity, so it will take longer to filter than other resins, but the bigger problem is that you’re getting a lot of debris. You could certainly try pre-filtering with a less dense filter, but if you think you’ve got debris bigger than 190 microns, you probably don’t want that in your tank the next time you try to print, so you might want to pre-filter right into your 190 micron filter. You can also lower the viscosity just a little bit by warming the resin, if you’ve got a reasonable way to do that without exposing it to light, such as filtering it within a few minutes of completing a print, or at least taking it out of a warm printer.

The prints was good at the beginning, not perfect as you can see the lines of the prints. In the last print debris were stick to the model (leaving small chunks on the model) so its take time to remove them with surgeon knife (scalpel). It wasent a “good looking” model but it did the work.

As i couldn’t filter most of the material, I just dispose it and let the machine use fresh ones. The problem is that this way is expensive, I assume i disposed about 100-200 ml due to the debris from last prints, that way I asked if its can be used with other filter. I must say that the debris in the materials looks like strawberries jam, parts from all kind of sizes. and the “sauce” looks like the sugar in the jam.

I will purchase less dense filters and try to filter the materials first in 100 micron filter and afterwards in 190 micron filters. It will take time to get the filters from e-bay as i couldn’t find this king of filters in a regular warehouse.

I dont have a way to warm it up but when the print was close to finish, the machine was extremely hot, way to hot for what i’m used to. Close to unpleasant feeling when touching the metal walls on the sides of the machine.
I wanted to upload a picture but I cant see how.

I’ll keep you posted once I have more info, soon I need to print another model so we will see how it will go.


100 micron is finer than 190 micron. You’d want to filter in the 3-500 micron range first.

You are right, thanks for the correction!

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