Failed Print/Time for tank replacement?

Print finished with a crack in one of the corners. What could be the reason? (The crack was there before the IPA bath and curing)

Is the crack due to the cloudiness of the tank? Does the tank need to be replaced?

hard to say without a shot of the support structure… but that’s pretty weird… the part looks TORN with the left side matching the contours of the right side…

the crack appears to be perpendicular to the layer lines… so that would indicate that it happened in the Shear operation… like just part of layer being printed stuck to the tank… but not all of it… but that the crack appears to match is what throws me because that looks like it had to happen pretty late in the print… otherwise layers above the initial crack would be misaligned… and the cured resin should be stronger enough that the shear force could not crack it

It looks like the part was nearly finished when it cracked, or the exterior contours would have been misaligned on subsequent layers.

it could be internal stresses cause by overall part shrinkage… or how it was removed from the raft or the platform.
Do you KNOW it was cracked when you took the platform out of the machine? or only notice the crack later?

Was this part [post cured? are you sure the crack was present before post curing?

This is how the part was supported:

View from the inside:

Not a reason why this happened but…Could you put radii on the inside corners to maintain the same wall thickness around the entire part? That would help eliminate some stress points.



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