Failed Print Open Mode - what happened here? (Pic)

Hey folks, what do you think what happened to this print? Its GR10 from pro3dure in open mode, so unheated (ca 21-23 degrees in the room) and the swiper was off because of the open mode.
Maybe if you see the photo you’ll have an idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hard to say from the picture.
What do you see?

I see issues coming either from the bubbles (as consequence of lacking wiping) or maybe its not hot enough and cant stick properly…

I’d say its because of the the few supports but its on both huge items the same problem… and the supports are originally generated by preform…

I cannot find any information that this resin is designed for the F2. Most UV resins available over cure with the F2.
If details and edges are rounded, there is a good chance that the resin is over curing. Did you try a test print and measure its dimensions?

If the resin over cures, it can stick to the PDMS. The consequence is that the part sees a very high force during the peel-action.

I calld their support, they claim to have customers, printing guides with this resin on a F2 abd being really satisfied…
here the descriptions… i ve got whitepapers from them but the information inside ist only : suitable for 405nm 3d printers

ok I see, ill try it with heating tomorrow and will observe the breaking process.

Alarm bells are ringing when I see this:

This is a different kind of printing technique. Many suppliers of resin use different resins for DLP versus laser(which the F2 is using).

If you hear a popping sound during the peel action… it’s definitely over curing(you can hear this with FL resin too at big parts but you shouldn’t hear it while printing this size parts).

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Hm… their support claims the tank could be defect if you hear a plopping sound.
But I dont. I managed to heat the resin up to 30 degrees and then start printing. Its ok but not perfect.
What I see is a clowdy tank surface but I tried to print at the clean parts of it…
is there a method to clean it up?` or do i need the new one?

If third party resins make plopping sounds when printing this surface area, it’s sticking too much to the PDMS, most likely due to over curing.

Was the tank new when you started printing with this material? It would be another hint.
You can’t clean up a clouded tank, you need a new one.

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