Failed Print issue


I would like to know from experimented people if this print has failed because of too many supports on the model.

I would like to mention that there is a defect (notch identify by a red square region) on the model which it’s seem not related to the support structure. Would somebody argue?

Thank you!

Here is some picture :

It looks like you set it up quite well. It looks like resin is curing where it shouldn’t. as layer start to cure beyond the edge of the model they begin to become part of the model during pealing, as you see early in your print. But if the model has a thin area, such as your does near the end, the model becomes part of the layer on the bottom of the tank.
The first thing to do is clean the bottom of the tank and remove any chunks for the tank.
Then do a laser spot test as described here: Are your prints failing because your laser focus is degraded?
Take a picture for your records of the test result.
Either the mirrors are dirty or the laser is not focusing correctly. Check the main mirror carefully by shining a light from the bottom up and look for a haze. Take a picture of that too if you see it.

Short answer: most likely

The orientation looks okay. It looks like the support structure mesh is too dense–there’s no way for air/resin to flow during the peel cycle. This flow restriction can lead to flakes. Try turning down the support structure density or removing some support structures (and walls) manually.

Yea the pipe shape they create for the first half of the print is no good, I didn’t spot that at first. However the second half of your print was not subject to this problem and should have printed the best. It got worse.

I agree with both of you. In one end, It seem to me that there is too much support(too dense) and there’s no way for air/resin to flow during the peel (as Craig mention). But, on the other end, like Josh said, at the beginning of the print, everything goes well and then right at the end of the print, a part missing on the model.

I’ll try to print the exact same model but with the default parameters for the support structure and let see. I’ll be back for an update and picture.

Thank again!

Did you find the cause?


I decrease the support density to 0.8 and I launched the print and than, I get a successful print…

Thank again for your help and the discussion!

Here some pictures:

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Cool, thanks for the pictures too.