Experimenting with new resin ideas for casting, need data or samples

Disclaimer: I’m new here!

As the title says, I’m looking to modify the casting resin for research purposes. I’m going to be doing some things that will change the refractive index and viscosity of the liquid, but I want to still be able to cure it… which means I need to match the refractive index of the stock castable resin. If I want it to print well, I need to match the viscosity fairly closely, too.

Has anyone measured the refractive index of the castable resin? Is anyone willing to send me a small sample of the castable resin so that I can measure it myself? What about the viscosity?

I’m going to be working with the Form 1+, so the rest of the process parameters are modifiable.

I’m not sure why you would need the refractive index to match.

It sounds like you are using the OpenFL build of PreForm, correct? Castable is our least viscous resin. You should have a lot of room to make it more viscous unless you are printing big bricks.

Let us know how it goes.

I am using OpenFL, yes.

It’s more that I want the refractive index of the additives to match the resin, to minimize scattering and keep a good cure depth. That might not have been particularly clear in my first post.

With regards to the viscosity, it’s good news that castable is the least viscous! Thanks for that.

When I start seeing some results, which might be a little while, I’ll post again.

Great. Now I understand: index matching should reduce scattering, of course. Good luck.