Elastic resin printing embedded micro-channels

I am using Form 2 elastic resin to print embedded micro-channels with circular cross section of diameter 0.8 mm in a block which is aprrox. 20 mm x 20 mm x 30 mm. Every time i print, these micro-channels are not formed at all in the final output from the printer. I have followed instructions from the form labs website still doesn’t works.

Any help? or suggestion? I will attach the .obj file of my design. Please have a look and suggest something I can do.

I am trying to print these micro-channels with square cross-section now. Lets see what happens. But please reply to my query.

squarechannel.obj (179.7 KB)
prt0005.obj (249.5 KB)

Above two are the .obj files of my design. Please also let me know if there is any problem with my design.

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