Dying Resins that are not included in the color kit?

Can the dye kits be used on rigid or other resins? In the material web page for rigid there are blue and red colored models, all the resin seems to be grey or white. I would like to dye the rigid resin I have black.

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Generally speaking, different dyes can affect the way light propogates through the resin. Adding dyes, especially red dyes, could partially block UV light and reduce the rate at which it cures. On any other machine, you could just increase the exposure time a little to compensate, but FOrmLabs don’t allow the user to change settings on the machines they own. I’m guessing the dye kits have their exposure set a little on the high end to compensate for this.

Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend dying the other resins. You might get away with it, but it would be a gamble.

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