disappointment with Form3 resolution

Hello, I am a user of Form2 and Solidscape, I have acquired the new Form3 and my surprise (and disappointment) has been to see that it only allows me to print at 50 microns resolution, I use the WAX castable material.I have done tests and compared Form2 with Form3 and at the moment the print quality is better with Form2 (although it is true that the pieces with Form3 shine a lot).

I have also seen in the printed parts with the form3 that in some surfaces and also in areas of contact with the supports, the surface is undulating, is it normal?When will they increase the resolution?

I attach two images, although I think that the detail is not much appreciated

Thank you!!


Hey there @rafaeselrey!

You may want to check out the link below! There’s a chance you’re using the Dental Castable Wax settings rather than the settings meant for Jewelry.


Thank you very much, I was unaware of the existence of this specific version, you are the best, a greeting.

I have to say rafaeselrey that unfortunately I agree with your sentiment. I went through the hassle of selling and losing money on a brand new Form 2 that I purchased a month and a half before the announcement of the Form 3 in order to buy the new machine / tech. I produce jewelry as well so I’m less concerned about printing out desktop speakers and more concerned with how the tiny details resolve. The software updates have been helping with the poor print quality (given that the print quality was more on par with the Form 1 (I owned one for years) than the Form 2), but regardless I feel like the Form 3 still has a ways to go. I’m mainly using the grey v4 resin so I can validate the form, but still send my prints out to be produced on Envisiontec machines for casting. I have the castable v2 resin and am waiting for the extra resin tray to arrive so I can do some testing, but in general I’m finding the prints to be way too soft.

Form 2 on the left, Form 3 on the right. The holes are 1.4mm. Large enough that they should print clearly, but the Form 3 distorts and fills them in. Both were printed at 50.


Thanks for sharing this. The holes on the right are brutal. I assume you reached out to Formlabs… please keep us posted on their response and whether it gets any better with updates.

I have installed beta 3.2.1 and can now print at 25 microns, with very good results with Form3.

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@rafaeselrey Where do you download the beta? I’d like to try it out. Dudley Amos sent a beta link on Sept 6 for version 3.1.0, but it only resolves to a download page for that version. Also do you mean version 3.1.2 or 3.2.1? 3.1.2 is the current public version available on the site.


@rkagerer Yea, unfortunately I think this is just an ‘early adopter’ waiting game at the moment. I have another post addressing this issue specifically in the support forum [Form 3 blurred details and layer shifting], but have yet to hear back from anyone at Formlabs. Will keep you all up to date on any new insights.

i will have to check ours, because I have not seen this 25 microns option on it?

Hey @rafaeselrey, just curious. What kind of burnout schedule, kiln, and investment do you use? I’ve had little trouble with smaller pieces of jewelry but when going larger, such as a 3in pendant, i have major porosity from investment breaking off in high detailed areas of the piece.