Dimensions doesn't match

Hi there,
I had some problems to the galvos, that formlabs replaced, now i’m testing it and i’m quite impressed by the surface quality, but not satisfied by the dimensions tolerance.
The difference form file, comes from 0.2 to 0.6mm independently by dimensions of the object, so it’s not possible to use X/Y fine tuning setting because it works as percentage.
After that, perpendicular corners on big objects are not perpendicular at all.

I have a huge ticket opened and they are trying to solve my problems so kindly, but i’m loosing months trying to make my machine work, so I would need your experience too. :slight_smile:

Here is other 2 pictures.
In the second one It’s clearly visible elliptical shape instead of circular.
it is a coca-cola cap and the concentricity mismatch is 0.8mm.
Tried to change the x-y percentage and it result in better roundness and better perpendicularity, but wrong overall dimensions.

Some suggestions?

Fabiano, I see that our support team is currently helping you out. We’ll do everything we can to help resolve your problems!

Yes, the support team is very kind and helpful.
I would share my experience with other users who could encounter same problems as mine