Different part removal technique

Removing parts from the build platform can sometimes be tricky, especially if you print a part without support structures. Sometimes you will be tempted to use a razor blade or chisel, but these tools can result in injury. In this post, I write about a different part removal technique that relies upon clamping the part (to get it to compress a little bit) so it shears itself off of the build platform.

I made a 2 minute video featuring this magical way to remove parts! Watch it here: - YouTube

In essence, you take the flush cutter to the edge of the part and squeeze. The part then pops off. It’s that easy. The technique works best on general purpose resin parts with base features thicker than 0.5mm. I recommend eye protection when removing parts.

The cone was an overly aggressive part that I was not able to remove with this technique. Instead, I used a bench vise and very slowly clamped down on the part––same principle as this technique but on a larger scale. It quickly popped off with minimal marks on the part.

(Attribution: the snail model is from a scan by Artec Group)


I’ve found that using an exacto knife with a flat chisel type blade works really well, without a chance of damaging the print–you just get it under the edge a little bit and then wiggle it to loosen that area and then go around the print where you can reach. You can do it carefully enough so that it won’t damage the print and it won’t pop off and go flying away.

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