Deteriorated print quality even after cleaning the mirror, Galvo mirrors and optical window

The print quality has deteriorated over the past week. I did a few things as mentioned below.

The optic window had been wiped clean, we are using a brand new Standard Clear Resin Cartridge and New Resin Tank.

It has been observed that the highlighted area marked in red has the most amount of deteriorated quality of the print.

Even there was a very obvious skirting that was happening at the base of the buildplatform.

I have opened a ticket with FormLabs support and they have been very helpful. I was asked to clean the main mirror, optical window from the inside and the galvo mirrors. I did all as per their instructions. I did notice there is a spot on the galvo mirror what won’t go even after a lot of cleaning attempts.

I did run an optics test before cleaning and after cleaning. Not much improvement to my disappointment.



Am reaching out since its a weekend and I would like to go ahead and try make this machine functional as soon as possible. Have a few orders lined up.

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