Delays on Form3 delivery


So now you know how you got it for a crazy low price! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol basically … if it doesn’t work. :rofl:… maybe they disable it using the serial ? :man_shrugging:t5:


This was the error that popped up on their machine. Hopefully that is not the case for you!


Yeah I hope not ! That’s crazy ! I wonder what happens in that situation.


I actually don’t have the resin tray so can’t even fire it up if I wanted right now.


We will see, but I doubt I will get a refund before the printer is not back, which sucks since I was agreed a refund 6 weeks ago or so, and the shipping is their error.


Damn sorry to hear that.


I went ahead and busted it out and don’t seem to have that issue.

But did notice how the plastic on top can scratch up the orange cover which is a bummer Im pretty sure I didn’t have this issue with my two form2 machines.

Its possible I could have issues with the machine if I tried to update the firmware but since I can’t even attempt to print anything I figure I will wait for a real important job to come through. Or for the selling of my two form2 machines to happen before really doing anything with this one.

It looks like he tried to update and got that message. Can he still use the machine as it is?


I’m not positive, I asked in the group about an hour ago. I will let you know what he says. Glad to see that yours is working.


Thank you so much !


The person said that the machine was being replaced by Formlabs and it was sent to them in calibration mode. So good news for them! :slight_smile:


Yay! Ok so I should be good to upgrade then. That’s awesome I still need to get the tray and I believe they are three months out smh. Can’t use the machine until then lol


What gets me is not so much the delay, but the fact that there is no estimate at all that I can get on when mine might ship. Could be next week, could be next year. If they’d just tell me an approximate date I could actually plan for it, but the uncertainty is intolerable.


Maybe the trick to getting yours is to demand a refund like Francesco did, and then they’ll just send you the printer instead.


And still empty words on when this will get sorted out …


My situation is finally being sorted out … even if despite being their error they want the printer back before refunding me(god know when). You might wonder if I got something as apologies … do not ask. I hope my form2 never needs me to call in for service even if I have the pro contract.


Ordered mine May 31, still waiting…how did you guys get coupons for free resin? I just paid full price for 2 tanks of grey in anticipation of getting the machine and nothing…? Still delayed. I guess I dont rank…small timer maybe? HA!


grey pro resin? there is a statement just released the form3 tanks have not been built for it yet


No, just the Grey resin (NON pro) Yeah, I did get a call the other day from my salesperson that the Grey Pro and a couple of other resins were having problems working on the Form 3. Tray problem you say? Ok, yeah I just read the release. Its just what the salesperson told me when they contacted me on Monday.


We’re just shy of a month into the Form 3 delivery delay and still there has been no word at all to quantify that delay. I don’t know whether I’ll get a ship notification tomorrow or won’t get one until the next North American eclipse. No one at Form returns my e-mails requesting information. Honestly, I don’t think it’s asking too much to at least get an estimate as to when I’m going to get something for my four thousand dollars.