In the last 4 dental model print session, se have had a larghe deburring in the base of the model (thikness about 0.5 mm).
We print direct on platform and the shape result it seem correct.
But when we print dental model with pins (size 0,9 mm and height 2.5 mm from platform, we have a failur ao printing process, with a fracture of the pins about in the middle and a detachment of a part already printed, that fall down in the tank (notice on display “remove object from tank).
The tank and cartrige are news and we have clened correctly the mirror.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

Post a picture of a good one and picture of a bad one.

“deburring” is a mechanical operation of removing a “burr”. Like with a file. So your description of the issue is a little confusing to me, at least, because I have machinist background…

What printer? F2 or F3?

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