Dashboard shows offline a lot

Still no solution. My printer shows offline or online intermittently.

I found a lot of forum posts on the same issue (the older ones are more than 3 years old), but there’s either no solution posted or the post ends with people finding “a solution” after a “power cycle”, which is ridiculous because I bet that solution must have been temporary. Besides, how can a power cycle be a solution if the printer is designed to be “always on”?

The posts contain also some suggestions, like automatically retrying the connection or manual synchronising of local and dashboard data after the fact, but I don’t see this has been implemented by Formlabs in their firmware or back-end…

post 1
post 2
post 3
post 4
post 5
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post 7
post 8

I wonder if there are people out there (regularly using Dashboard) that NEVER had this problem?
Has someone which had this problem found a definitive solution?