Dashboard Resin Cartridge Volume Editing

I should be able to update the estimated volume in a cartridge in the DashBoard. I pour resins from one cartridge to another when one has a small amount left that would cause an ‘out of resin" error. When I do that, however, the 2nd cartridge now has more volume than DashBoard thinks it has. It is simple to determine how much volume there is by weighing it, subtracting the 290g for the empty cartridge, and dividing by the density (specific gravity) of the material. If I could edit the volume in Dashboard it would be VERY useful so the printer doesn’t give me "low resin’ warnings when I KNOW there is more than it has calculated.

I second this request. We collect many “empty” cartridges which still have anywhere between 10-25mL of resin but won’t dispense into the tray. It would streamline our operations to simply consolidate empty these small quantities into a semi-full cartridge and use it in the machine. Our messy alternative is to use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull off the nipple and let the remaining resin quantity drain into a spare tray.

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