"Cursing The Moon" Werewolf model made with different resins

This model is made with different resins, formlabs’ grey and black as well as madesolid’s black.
The model is 16" tall and also about 16" long.
It’s made out of 17 parts.
Regular bondo and magic sculpt was used to finish and finalize it.
The entire model is painted with Liquitex Acrylics.

One note here - madesolid’s black resin (vorex) did outperform the formlabs’ resins. It would always give me a workable part (not perfect but salvageable) while the same parts would fail completely using formlabs’ resins. Not to bash formlabs as they are trying to constantly improve but I’ve been saying this for many months now. The Vorex has really put the formlabs resins on the back seat, when it comes to tricky and difficult parts, hollow, spheres big bases etc.
We’ll see how the new machine is going to handle the difficult parts.

Hope everyone enjoys the result of “Cursing the Moon”.


Very good job.

Very nice…and I love the title of the piece !

Wow, this is spectacular!..I am blown away by this awesome piece of work…thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your awesome response. And thank you for truly connecting with what you are looking at.