Crystal Heart

I am a theoretical physicist, and an absolute beginner in any manufacturing process. This is practically my second print that didn’t fail. It is intended as a housewarming gift for a friend that requested something with anatomically correct heart.

Printed with 0.025 mm layer step size using clear resin v2. Inside is filled afterwards with the same resin+acyrlic paint, then cured under the sun. When the model is this small, I think 0.025 mm layer step size tends to work better, due the strain capability of thinner walls. On bigger models, I had more success with 0.05. I think this is due to a competition between the build platform and the tank itself (my theory: since cure time of epoxy is a probabilistic process, there will be some that will be in a “about to be cured” sticky state after the build platform leaves, if the gradient is too small, these particles will be cured with the next laser, but will stick on the tank). The outer layer is finished with detail enhancing acrylic paint intended for plastic models. The shell is an ikea frame modified with some cutting and sticking. Background is an image of veins from a medical book.

I really like how the fine detail came out.

Another version with EL instead of pigment.


Can you share more photos? It looks nice but needs more pictures.

Sorry, the forum is broken, I am unable to upload photos as of this time. I tried to upload the EL version, but even a jpg of 1500kb is being rejected saying “it is a file bigger than 7 mb”!
a super small file works. I think admins need to adjust the message

@obm, apologies - we recently moved servers and the forum was not allowing larger uploads. When you have a chance, please try again and anything up to 7 MB should work now.


Looking great. The first version seems better. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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That is amazing!!

Love it, love it, love it! The light is brilliant.