Cryptozoological Taxidermy [WIP]

It’s a work in progress, so I’ll update this thread with pictures as I go along.

If you’re interested in the non-3D printing aspects of the project and don’t want “how to preserve a skull” in your google search history, this is a great reference: :)

The ultimate goal is to wall mount and illuminate the skull, so I ended up stuffing the skull cavity with a string of RBG color changing LEDS. These run off AAAs and cycle through all the colors and blinking patterns. When the whole strand is packed into a single skull it really looks magical :slight_smile:

I plan on experimenting with inserting fiber optics into printed parts, so the next version of the horn was designed with 4 channels running inside; 1 central channel (~132mm long) and 3 shorter ones surrounding it that run about 1/2 the length. The channels were all 1.92 mm in diameter and printed perfectly. As it printed they filled with resin, but you could see air bubbles get pushed up the length of the tubes every time the printer pushed back up on the peel cycle. When I washed it out, the resin was still in the tube and was very hard to wash out just using IPA in the spray bottle (or soaking), so I used 1mm wire to help in the cleaning. I think this technique would be very valuable for building small armatures and connecting multiple 3D printed parts.

I had planned on just filling the channels with as many strands of fiber as I could ( and gluing them in place using some more resin. However, the whole object in clear resin works really well as a light pipe (the attached photos are in full room light), so I’m going to continue experimenting and seeing what sort of effects are possible.

The unicorn skull was used as part of a Halloween costume, which was pretty awesome when the horn started to fluoresce under haunted house black lights.

Now it’s back on my wall as a very strange sconce of sorts. Here is a video showing both lighting effects at once; RGB twinkling lights inside the skull and large RGB LED “spotlight.”