Copy model on top another

When you use layout option in Preform it copy model with supports next to another sticking to build plate. I want to copy model on top of another because it is big and its not possible to make next to it, and then generate supports. Only solution is to make it in 3d software and then import in Preform and make supports… one model is really detailed and it is 180 MB in preform file, when I import 2 it will be 360-400 generating on i7 will take half hour. Instead already opened model in Preform and copied on top would take seconds.

Why don’t you decimate the model?

We typically model in the 2 gigbyte range. but we decimate down to around 60- 100 mb for print because any finer level of detail just doesn’t make any difference.

I I wanted to do what you are suggesting, I would decimate the model to 60 mb- export it as STL and then re-import it twice into a new model space- arrange the second copy relative to the first and save the file.

Then import it into preform and orient it vertically stacked and let preform figure out the supports.

how you decimate model? I need details that is the problem. I bring down polygon count on some parts of model to minimum but still its 180 mb.

You need software that can do decimation- It usually takes the form of literally picking the end size you want the file to be and the machine intelligently averaging out polygons until it gets there.

You may have to convert your model to a mesh before you can decimate it.
But you’ll need to read the manual for your software.
If it doesn’t do decimation, find one that does. I think Meshmixer has a decimation engine.

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