Companion Cube - Five Sides to the Story

Printed out this companion cube about 30mm cube but as you can see each side of the cube tells it’s own story. They vary from awful and rough to almost perfect. I certainly feel quite disappointed with these results.


Can you post up a picture or 2 of how it was supported and how the above pictures relate.


Photo #5 is the top of the print.

Photo #3 is the highest side.

Photo #1 is the lowest side

Hey Jesse,

You may want to angle that cube on both axes more (on a corner).  Since you’ll be printing less area per layer you can reduce the support size and touch point size to clean up those faces.

Hey Jesse,

I see a few problems right away. Like Dylan said, probably not the best orientation for this part. First of all you have too many supports on the bottom. So if you angle it more on it’s corner, then you need less supports (although putting one thick cone shaped support at that corner attached to the base, and then adding some overhang supports, would yield much better results. You can then cut it off and sand it. You can use the b9 software to do that.)

Also because there is always light bleed in the z-direction towards the base, one side of your model will always be washed out, overcured, with less detail. That’s what happened to the side in the first few pictures. Have you tried the 50:50 resin mix yet? You may get better results.

You will also get a much better print if you hollow out the model and add a drain hole. Leave at least 2mm walls.