Color sensor on a future Form series bot to automatically detect and select correct resin?

Color sensors aren’t exactly cheap, but when sourced in bulk, I imagine a company could get them for a few bucks … still not cheap, but the savings in time due to incorrect resin choice and having to reprint might be worth it for those switching between resins in their print jobs … one less thing to forget to do … I imagine either mounting from the bottom or the top would work … clear resin might not be detected, but I imagine black and white recipes would be, so by logic it might be determined.

… a more expensive way might be with RFID and tagging the resin tanks … readers aren’t cheap. Probably not cost effective …

Anyways, just a feature thought. I guess a first step might be to allow users to create “profiles” so they can save off what kinds of settings they are using for print jobs. That’s a software change. A lot less expensive than the slick hardware solutions.

Of course, right now the saved persistent state of the resin selected works fine for basic needs, and I’m sure there are far more pressing things to work on with the platform.