Clear Resin Prints No Longer Working - Post Latest Update


I recently updated to the latest PreForm and Firmware for my Form 3 and now my clear will NOT print. It ghosts on the tank and build platform, but will not proceed from there. New Resin, New Tank, ran through the Optical Window Inspection and cleaning process a couple times now.

Anyone having this problem?


Hi @lcreasy,

I would recommend sharing your printer’s Diagnostic logs with our Support Team along with some photos of the resin that cured in the tank and on the build platform. This will let them narrow down what could be causing the issue.


I have indeed uploaded logs and sent in photos of the issues.

Attached them here as well…

Important to note that there were ghosts on both the build platform and the resin tank…


Thank you for the clarification. Assuming the optical window is clean, there could be an issue with the internal optics of the LPU. Support will be able to narrow this down and determine whether the LPU needs to be replaced.

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