Clean the main mirror inside Form lab 2

I am wondering if i can use this kind of product
To clean the mirror inside the formlab 2.

Do you have any idea ?

Are your mirrors dirty? They are sealed in a box and should not get dirty.
As stated in the manual, please contact support so they can help you giving directions.

Yes the mirror was a little bit dirty. Some dust…
I followed the instructions of the formlab webe site to clean it. But i am wondering if i can use an other product. The same, to clean cameras. (éras-Capteurs/dp/B01CNSN9RW/)

Because it’s not easy.

Just to precise
I am talking about the horizontal mirror just under the resin tank.

Do you mean the mirror inside and at the bottom of the F2 or the glass window just below the resin tray? For the first one you need to disassemble the whole machine.

I mean the glass just below the resin tank.
Easy access when you take off the resine tank.

I am talking about this part :

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