¡¡¡ CHOLLO ! 3D Printer Mod. Form 3+. Offer 5400€ ( Real Price 6.203,67 € )

3D printer, model 3+ brand new and in its original packaging. Purchased in May 2022.
Without unpacking!
Package includes 1 build platform, 2 rosin cartridges, Form 3 Finishing Kit (Cure + Watch) and Form 3 V2.1 rosin tank, and 1 year technical support.
The price of the complete package is 6,203,67 €.
I also give a discount of €700 and I also give away two Touch 2000 resin cartridges and 2 Resin tanks V2.1
All brand new. I can send photos and purchase invoice. OFFER € 5.500.

It’s a bargain!

You already have next year’s printer? That would explain the price!


You are very insightful.!

It’s a mistake, I bought the printer in May 2022 and the package cost me €6,200.

I can send you an invoice if you are interested in buying it.

It is unpacked and discount €700 with a gift of 2 cartridges, and two printing tanks.

How about?

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