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Casting resin

Hi I am new to Form2 and getting to grips with the resins, I have just printed my first piece in casting resin, and used Form wash twice in 5 min sessions, Form cure for 4 hours, when completed it was still slightly sticky so cured again for a further 1hr, still not dry, so removed the supports and a further hour. Just retrieved it again and even though its not a sticky, can someone let me know if this is normal or should it dry as the grey resin I am using?



Hey Chris,

I’ve had similar. I wouldn’t cast with those. I find that if I do a dirty wash, then try the piece completely with an airbrush, then a clean wash, then dry again with an airbrush, and then do a third wash in a jar with really clean IPA, and completely dry with an airbrush again, I don’t get that stickiness. It also appears to help the casting as well.

Castable resin is tricky, and there’s a lot on this forum about it. I’d encourage you to read through the older threads on this forum, and to download the guides and white papers if you haven’t done so already.



Hi Charles, thanks for the info, I have started to read the forum notes. I don’t actually cast the these myself as I send them to the casting company I use, so a case of preparing them properly for them.

Do you know if you can you over cure an item?



I don’t really think so - not from what I’ve read, or from my personal experience. For my curing, I use this: DIY Cure Box made easy (thanks IKEA).

I regularly cure things for 24+ hours - sometimes longer for thicker pieces, just to make sure they’re properly cured.

Charles thanks, all a new experience - all good though.



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