Castable Resin - Filling up the Build Tray

Will it hurt my jewelry prints (the fine features) if I fill the build tray all the way and print in 25 microns? Each model is around an inch tall and there is around 30 prints in total. I’ve printed 11 on the build a couple times and they came out great.

Are you using a Form 2 to print these?

Yep I’ll be using the Form 2

You mean the build platform ? Tray means the resin tank. If you’re talking about filling the whole build platform then it shouldn’t hurt the print quality, however there may be areas in the build platform where parts come out better, this is usually due to the tank being more cloudy in certain areas than others. The LT tank helps in avoiding that issue.

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My form 2 tray is crack i don’t know how … i just print some piece then i just off my printer the liquid in the resign tray and 3 days when i remove my tray .it’s crack …anyone know where is a issue ??

Don’t leave resin in the vat…for more than 3 days?