Can FormLabs print high precision characters models?

I was a designer and I obtain a Revopoint POP 3D scanner, which is an affordable 3D scanner that can scan characters models and export 3D models with rich detail. And I want to print these models to study how to design a perfect characters model.

Did anyone do this work before?

I have a POP, too. I was one of the early kickstarters for it.

There is nothing the scanner can scan that a Formlabs printer can’t print. The printer resolution is about 2 orders of magnitude higher than the scanner’s.

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While I agree mostly with Randy I would add a caveat. It takes some time to learn how to use these kinds of printers effectively. There are both issues of basic maintenance, and how to set up your prints, that will take some investment in time, energy, and equipment.

These printers can’t print everything effectively. That said, I do agree, if you are generating your models via scanning, likely the geometry will be simple-enough that printing can be successful.

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