Buyer Beware - 13 Months after I got my printer, and one month after my warranty ran out it no longer powers on

What a wonderful product, Formlabs

It all started to go bad one month ago

  1. It wouldn’t connect to the dashboard - I did various trouble shooting things but the only thing that worked was a hard reset

  2. It wouldn’t connect to wi-fi to send prints - I wasted time with troubleshooting again, when the only solution was a hard reset
    (tech support, maybe you should start with hard resets)

  3. The screen starts glitching, doesn’t respond to touch and has vertical bands across the screen- Guess what worked this time? A hard reset.

  4. Error 58 - I had to take apart the shell and reseat the Galvonometer Cables - I get it turned back on, connect to wi-fi, connect to dashboard, send a file, the file starts printing, and NOTHING it totally shuts down, will no longer power up.

12 months of functionality is ALL I got,

Thanks for all of the troubleshooting you’ve done so far - we try to get things corrected as quickly and easily as possible for the user without needing to have the printer sent in for repairs, but it doesn’t always work out. Even after the warranty period has finished, we’re committed to continuing to provide support and want to make sure your printer works as expected. Our support team will continue working to get things up and running for you and we’ll want to make sure you get more than 12 months of functionality.

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12 months would be great, mine lasted a week or so (2 prints), still waiting for help two werks after it broke. Yes, i have got responses telling me how fast i would be taken care of, but no…nothing has been done yet. Worst support in the industry so far. A $500 china printer would have much better support, i would have replacement from them already.

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