Bulk Prints - Production Run


Hey! has anyone undertaken a proper production run using the Form2? we have 360 brackets printing 12 hours a day 14 brackets at a time… interested to see if the printer holds out, and what we encounter on the way…

Amazing how quickly we found such a massive use of the machine just a few weeks after its arrival!


Very Nice.

Are you printing the flat side on the platform, auto supports or your own supports?

At this quantity it may be cheaper to laser cut them from acrylic sheet? Make them two part and glue together with Weld-on. That stuff is really strong.

And faster!

What are they going to be used for?

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but the prints will become quite brittle if they become over cured. So you might want to cover them with an anti-UV coating.

Thanks for the tip on the over curing they are going to be used outside, so we will treat them with an anti UV coat.

We’re printing them flat down directly, no supports

No where near as much fun though! - We do have a laser cutter so we did consider it.

Looks really great. :+1: