Build Platform print prep ... (Extra large ziplock bag + ) sunlight + build platform with resin coating

I’m sure others might be doing this … seems to work well for me. I don’t believe Form recommends or says to do this, but hey it makes me feel better about printing considering the pains the B9 made me go through (i.e. I had tons of adhesive issues with that particular platform) … especially for larger print jobs where I want to eliminate catastrophic failures mid print.

A) Large heavy duty ziplock bag (i.e. so you can have an air pocket & protect it from elements) * <- may block UV to degree depending on plastic ???

B.) build platform with finely swiped coat of resin +

C.) outdoors for an hour or so for resin layer to cure

* Some plastic may block UV from what I read … blocking more short vs long wave (?). I seem to be getting some curing, but it’s best left exposed outside without blockage from most glass. I’m using the plastic bag, temporarily, until weather gets better.

B & C … seems to give me a nicely cured resin adhesive coating for the first foundation layer of prints to stick to … but perhaps it’s overkill …

Anyone else doing, and can back up what I’ve read online? Thanks.


oops. Wrong pic. Can’t edit posts on forums? :frowning: Here’s the right one!



This is interesting.  I would say if you are having issues like this use the fine tuning settings to fix adhesion problems.  If that does not work I would open up a ticket.  I have had enough positive and negative experiences with printing issues to say that you should not need to do what you are doing.  Let FL help fix what is actually causing your problems.

Also, can you post pictures of close up on the failures.  It may help troubleshoot what is going on.


Hi David. Thanks for the reply. The pic with the original post does not go along with the content, it’s a different problem with my bot. I posted it by mistake and can’t modify the post. Formlabs support is doing a great job communicating with me on that problem. The second pic goes along with original post.

To be clear, I’m not experiencing a lot of adhesion problems with Form, it was another bot with a different design that I started doing the cured surface layer on the build plate. I just started to do with the Form1 to be safe with a larger build with a lot of support material.  It may be uneeded for the Form1. However, I have two build plates, so it’s not a problem for me to cure one plate outside while I print with the other one. I’d be curious to know if it solves anyone’s specific adhesive problems, but connecting with Formlabs is best.