Bug in the new software

It’s nice that the software now has the ability to fix holes in models ( just simple models, I suppose, since when it identified problems in one of my complex creations and I agreed to let it try to fix them, it just hung up indefinitely). But the most serious problem I ran into is when I tried to open some models and got a failure with the following “Open files Warning” error message: “Some models could not be loaded because they were too small” . I took this at face value, and tried rescaling them until they were grossly too large, but it kept on rejecting them with the same objection. Nothing appeared on the screen, and there were no extra little bits of stuff in the file to account for this message.

Obviously it’s not talking about the file size being too small, so why is it doing that? It doesn’t seem to be affected by changes in the scale of the model, so what does it want? It should open any file regardless of size, but give an option to scale it up or down at the time of opening if it thinks there’s a problem. This seems like one of those errors that’s about something totally different, but which has this “too small” message attached erroneously.

Andrew Werby