Broken Print?


Recently I have printed a stamp handle and it came out “broken”. I also noticed that when printing with grey I tend to get some problems with most of my prints. How should I print this model?

Can you separate the stamp handle from the pad? I think you would get much better results by doing that. If not, Maybe pick the model up a bit more having the handle more vertical and the base angled closer to 30 degrees. Also twisting the pad 10 - 20 degrees would help. My description a bit vague, if you can post up your model, I can better show you.

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Hmm, I would think the flat part is thick enough that it wouldn’t have that much issue where it bends like that from the layer separation, but since it is doing that then most likely it needs more supports to keep it steady.

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I printed it in a different orientation and it printed beautifully.

Thanks for the help! :wink:

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