Broken Egg

So these salt and pepper eggs printed good on my Form1+ with black resin…

But today I knocked one off the kitchen counter…

It was a huge mess, salt over every inch of the kitchen floor.
I have been wanting to get my hands on some MJSF printed parts for a while. Maybe this can be an opportunity for that… Does anyone out there have some MJSF resin and is willing to print a new, more durable, set for me please? With supports it is 83ml and one print job. I have the job all setup. Just need it printed at 0.050 or 0.025 and mailed to me. Anyone interested?

um, I would definitely NOT put anything in a printed part that I was going to eat… This stuff is not food safe.


Yea Formlabs MSDS sheet applies to the resin in liquid and solid form until they say otherwise at least as I read it. It would be nice if someone from the company would release a different sheet for the resins when solid.

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What can I say, I’m a daredevil :smile:
But seriously, the eggs are coated inside and out so the resin does not touch the salt.