Bring Form1 into Hearing-aid shops


please excuse my bad english but it is not my native language. I have 3 shops for hearing-Aids in south-Germany. In former times when i learned my profession the shell for the ears where made in classic pnp mode. You had to make a mold from the ear, then a negative mold and than you have to poor Resin into the negative mold to have the shell for the ears. So every Hearing-aid-shop had a little laboratory to manufakture the shells on their own. Nowadays you make a Mold from the ears and send them to an Otoplastic shop, they digitiese them and build them by using Stereolithogropie. With your Maschine manufacturing the shells for my customers can be brought back to the shops Everything is there and affordable:

The scanner:

the software:

and your maschine to build them. But there is one hint: the resin has to be certified biocompatible like fototec from the German Company Dreve.

So hier is my Suggestion: Put a Resin on the Market wich is biocompatible so that it is legal to use it for Hearing-aid-shells and you will have an incredible amount of potential customers from the hearing-aid industrie.

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Alexander Behnke

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Need a biocompatible material to use in ears or mouth.
Formlab should get along with USP certification, it would dramatically extend the range of applications

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