Bottle a month club

I seem to be consuming a bottle of gray a month since getting the machine in November. I might have to start a FormLabs Goop Anonymous rehab clinic! :yum:

This time was my first 2 bottle order of gray and castable. While I am VERY happy with the results NOTHING pains me more then the amount of waste in the raft and supports I throw out.

Sam - where is this minimize raft button I have been asking for? I thought that was a slam dunk 2 months ago!!!

Either that or LOWER (cut on half!) the goop price! You seem to have others knocking on your door with competition. A sale lost to the competition does no one any good. Once the special sauce recipe is on the ketchup bottle it is not so special anymore. I will stay with buying Formlabs but help me out!


I feel your pain Bill.
It’s funny how when I first started prating I was amazed at how little resin parts seems to use and yet now I feel like I’m topping it up all the time which would suggest its psychosomatic hehe.
Though a reduction in resin costs would always be welcome what hurts the most is the $100 shipping I have to pay to get them delivered here in Montreal. I think they need to find a new distribution network and reduce the price.
For sure the steady increase in viable competitive materials will help with that in time.

I bought a Zortrax FFF printer to print anything that I don’t need to print on my Form1+. The Form1+ costs around $250/liter for prints (counting tray usage). A FFF printer costs about $35/liter with much less post processing. Only using my Form1 when I need its unique properties saves enough money each year to more than pay for the Zortrax. The Zortrax print quality (90 micron min layer, 350 micron min feature size) is nearly as good as the Form1 for many prints and most prints are stronger.

That $250/liter cost adds up pretty quickly though. Doing the math, after just using a FFF machine for just 4 liters worth of prints you pay for a $1000 machine. After just 8L on the FFF you can pay for a top end printer like the Zortrax or Ultimaker.

However, there are some parts that only the Form1 can print well. It excels at smaller and more intricate parts. Both types of machines have their place but there is an economic justification to own both types of printers as long as resin costs are so high and trays wear out so quickly.

Moe then a few people have been posting about the edit raft size. I really like the “new” support system compared to 2014.


Any time I can save a drop of goop in prints like THIS is a win for me

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