BlueCast X10 - BlueCast X-Vest

Hi Guys
Stefano - BlueCast co-founder and Sales Manager.
With this post we are proud to announce X-Vest, a synthetic investment coming soon from BC.

Pics are X10 printed on Form2 and casted with X-Vest. - Please follow the link.

We developed X-Vest to meet the need of advanced jewelsmiths asking for a high resolution investment, fast, safe (it’s liquid, no powder to handle), strong but smart to devest, suitable for fast burnout and with the insurance of “one shot one cast”. It took more than 2 years but finally we have what you were asking for. We are setting up production plant here in BlueCast and release date is May 2020. As always your feedback and critics are welcome, our passion and our job is to let your job easier, faster and if possible cheaper.

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which printing profile did you use on the form2 ?