Bev Werx new Beverage Server Preserver (BSP)


This is a prototype of the new, patented Beverage Server Preserver (BSP) from Bev Werx, LLC. Bev Werx is two Craft Beer Lovers who grew tired of having that half Growler we placed in the frig become flat the next time we opened it.
True confession; One of us was stood up by a friend and decided that he wasn’t going to waste those two last pints. Long story short, after a visit to the ER and 17 stitches in his forehead, he decided to invent something to protect other Craft Beer Lovers. What you’re looking at is the result of several years of effort, 3D modeling/printing and lots of expense. Let me know what you think and look for us on a crowdfunding site soon.
The photos are of a prototype using 3D printed parts, from our Form 2, and an extruded tube.


Yum…craft beer.