Barbie Enjoys Tea and Toast Courtesy of Form One

The toaster, toast and cups were all printed at 50 micron resolution.  You can see particularly on the toaster that you will want to make sure the supports attach to the BOTTOM of the print.  You can see all the bumps left behind even after shaving them with a knife.  The sides and bottom are nice and smooth.  Cups are smooth also.

Is there toast in that toaster :)?

Really cool prints! At first glance I thought the cups and toast were injection molded parts, and the toaster was the only printed part. Bummer that the supports messed up the toaster’s top tho. Was the toaster auto-rotated in PreForm?

I used the auto rotate feature in PreForm.  Just need to watch to where it ends up.  Also on the toast it printed it parallel to the build platform on a bed of supports.  That side of the toast did not have a very good finish at all.  I think printing it vertically would have returned a better result as long as the peel axis was parallel with the width of the toast.