Back in Black – Planetary Gears

In October 2012, I printed aubenc’s tiny planetary gears and shared a video of the results. These parts were printed on an early Form 1 alpha prototype with a (then) prototype grey resin.

Fast-forward a couple years and I reprinted the part on a Form 1+ with the new black resin, which really brings out the details. This time around, I printed a four stage gears set rather than three. The parts were printed flat with supports generated with a slightly higher-than-default density. The resulting print was easy to clean and assemble.


Craig, this looks great!!

Hi Craig!, can you share with me the planetary gear model?, I want to compare with my new form 1+, which is incredible s far but I find sometime models of things that are not quite for the form 1, so I wan to have an "already tested"model to see…

Let me know…thanks

You can find the files here.