Axial turbine blade failed print

Hello everyone, I have a big problem from printing. I printed axial turbine blade twice and I found the same problem “support was not printed”. What should I do? At first time I found problem and I stopped immediately. I thought resin in the tank is run out, but second I filled in near limit and problem occurred again. I attached pictures of axial blade and problem.

Apologize for my poor English and thank you.

One thing that improves prints is to orient tall supports on the hinge side. On the picture it seems to be on the other side.
Remember that you can rotate parts with supports without having to regenerate supports by changing only the Z value. Yo can check which is the hinge side from the Layout Tab.

Hope this helps.

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This is the best way to print without “red zone”, because this blade have tunnel inside. I tried to rotate another angle, but didn’t work.

And another constrain, I would like to avoid some support at the blade surface, because for experiment after printed. But If cannot, maybe I will try your advice.

Thank you so much :smile:

You don’t have to change anything on the supports. Just rotate the part on the Z axis.
Here, maybe a picture will explain it better.

This won’t affect supports in any way.


It might be the one very long support string is too weak for the peeling forces. Therefore it loses contact at some point with following layers. I would add some supports to that area.

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