Are unclosed polygons bad?

I imported an STL file and the Form software warned me that there were unclosed polygons in the model. The program still opened the model, but I’m scared to print it.

Does anyone know how unclosed polygons will effect a print?

Unclosed polygons can have a wide range of negative effects on how a model prints, and it is strongly advised that you do not attempt to print them. There is typically subtle printing defects, and sometimes severe deformities. The safest way to ensure that a part prints properly is to first repair the part. You can learn more about repairing STL models here:

Thanks Shane!


the other way is to check that your slices are good as even Nettfab cannot automatically resolve all the mesh bugs.

If you look at the screenshot I’ve put in:

You see that the model has some holes and the slice is missing a large triangle…

It’s a bit tedious to have a look at all the slices especially on large models, but as long as there is no automatic checks in the soft that would be the only way…