ApplyLabWorks 1st Open Resin Print Completed Successfully! :D

It has been my very first experience with open mode, and I’m quite happy of the final outcome.

Using White v1 settings with their Beige STD resin, sickness of the piece to the removable “bed” was perfect and the finish is quite OK IMHO, well worth the price difference for now. We’ll see how long the tanks last re clouding with this resin.

I must say the print even smelled like…alcamphor or some sort of “vicks vapor-rub” thing lol

Wax on! Wax off!

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Thinking through this option…how do you clean out the resin cartidges??? OR, do you just eliminate the cartridge and fill the tank by hand???

Since you need to use open mode, you just fill the tank manually. So far I didn’t have to refill it during any print.

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