Anyone Read Chinese?

Product looks real interesting but I have no idea what they are saying or what the price equivalent would be in USD.

Can anyone read this website and translate it to English?

I cant find source of polymers in english

couple of nice models for free downloads

I also visited that website but there is no way to get to a product page. Not sure what gives. Maybe they are just setting up. Looks like they are based in Hong Kong. Now just a matter of converting the currency I guess.

If you use the CHROME browser and right click on the page then choose “translate” if will give you English. Just doesn’t convert the prices to dollars.

Actually after messing around with the website I found that the Grey sells for $29 to $86 a bottle. Still trying to find the size of the bottles. They also offer “buy 3 get 1 free” deal. Might be worth looking into. The quality of their prints is excellent. Like to know what printer they are using. The bottles are 500ml.

Let me try to translate the key information for you:

[Header info in Chinese:]
Cx3500G 聚六 原型 3d打印机耗材 光固化 光敏树脂

[Header info translated into English]
HEXPolymer Cx3500G Prototype 3D Printer Materials - Photocuring / Photosensitive Resin
HEXPolymer Photocuring 3D Printer Materials, excellent fluidity, optimal precision, easy printing, medium curing rate, with slight tenacity

There are 4 offering with different prices (500ml each bottle) on this page:

Light Grey 1 Bottle: RMB 170.00 (USD 26)
Light Grey 2 Bottles: RMB 320 (USD 50)
Light Grey 4 Bottles: RMB 600 (USD 90)
Mini Sample: RMB 90 (USD 15)

The USD price is only my rough estimate. The current RMB/USD exchange rate is at about 100:630.

English<>Chinese translation, complimentary by ACT. Enjoy! :grinning: