Anyone printing Clear V4 on 3L yet?

Works great. Haven’t tried 50um yet though.

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Thank you. Just noticed today in the new Preform the 50 micron is out of beta and now is default.


Just got my brand new 3L started. My first project and outcome from Clear v4 is amazing. The only issue is, that model came ‘taller’ by 0.5mm than 3D computer model.
Also, I am using Elma P300H wash and BB Cure XL UV cure machine. Both good, but no support on settings really. On videos it is showing that there should be preloaded setups for Formlabs. Nothing like this. Unless I have the dentists version, because I can see jaws and teeth on the screen :slight_smile:

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Looks great. I just loaded the 3L with clear. Will see tmr. :nerd_face:

That’s weird. I also have a BB Cure XL (delivered back in April or May) and it has the profiles for FormLabs’ resins. If you choose the “Custom” option on the initial menu you should get them (after selecting one category).

They kind of suck of at least they’re there for you to fine tune the half dozen that came already with settings and add settings to others.

Could you please send me a photo of your BB Cure XL screen with Formlabs settings? Mine looks like this:

Sure, here’s mine:

Startup screen (same as yours):

After selecting “Custom”:

After selecting “Engineering”:

After selecting “Rigid”:

(it even has an approximate representation of the cartridge’s label)

This is my firmware should it help:

Hey @Kicked or @AllOnScale, how long did your Clear V4 prints take on the 3L compared to the time estimate calculated in Preform?

It took mi a bit less than calculated. Preform said 7h and print came ready in 6h. Roughly.

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Nothing like yours. I wonder if I can do some update on it. I like yours better :slight_smile:

My first print was a small test. Calculated 10h. Finished in 11h20min

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Thank you for your screen shots. My Firmware is 2.0 but I have no Formlabs options. I asked my supplier for help.

Second print calculated 33h finished in 41.5h. Great result though.

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How’s the scale coming out? Noticed some reference suggesting that grey v4 is coming out now slightly larger than what it was scaled to?

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Hi @Eks, Thanks for this. Im considering buying one of the BB Cure XL. Based on the photo of the Rigid Resin settings you showed, it looks like 5 mins longer then the Form Cure settings, I guess they compensate for the lack of heat (compared to the Form Cure) with the LED power (200W I believe, compared to 39W). I wonder if MTC3D have tested the materials against the TDS of the resins? Do the settings differ much for all the other resins? I tried contacting MTC3D and sent questions to the UK resellers, no response or answers so far.

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Well, those were the values I settled with because, at the time, that particular one didn’t have any settings (all at zeros).

From their updated list of settings I guess I’m being quite conservative although it’s been working great for me (20 minutes vs the 60 they recommend). I guess I 'll have to give the 60 minutes a try :slight_smile:

Here’s their updated list:
Note: The link will change when updated. You can always get a new one by going to their support page (Support - MTC3D | Stampanti 3D e Polimerizzatori UV), scroll down to BB Cure XL, enter an email (a fake one will do) and clicking the “Download” button.


Thanks for this @Eks this is really helpful. Good to know they have done some testing. Not fully clear if they have benchmarked the parts against the TDS, but at least they have something. Photocentric’s solution don’t have this and do not specify even the LED power or LED radiant. Thanks again!

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Let me follow up on the BBCureXL subject.
Support from the UK is absolutely below any standards I have ever had. If I knew, this unit will be so bad, I would never agree to get one! Daniel from the MTC3D, which supposed to help, is avoiding any action. I even tried to contact the head office, no luck.
My menu on the screen can be seen above and it should look like the one from Eks. When I am trying to ask for help, I am constantly told it is impossible to have Formlabs presets.
Avoid that machine. I’ve been told, that this is very basic unit and I could chose one with turntable.

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Well, I did send them lots of feedback on annoying issues that could be easily fixed just to get the typical “it’s not a big, it’s a feature” from the developer.

It works perfectly fine and until I get the Form Cure L it will have to do but I agree with you, they kind of suck when listening to issues.

What’s odd is that your version is higher than mine and you don’t have the presets. Mine came with it as if it was only meant to work with FormLabs resins. I can’t delete it add profiles, only change their values and FormLabs did advertise them as an alternative so go figure.


I am using BB CURE XL from Meccatronicore company. I tried all the resins and they came out really perfect. Today I am supposed to do another test for Formlabs High temp v2 resin
Formlabs ESD, one you have already tried to do?

Can you give me your advice please.

Thank you