Anycubic resin printed on Form 2?


Hello !
Did anybody print with the 3rd party Anycubic resin on a form 2 ?
I would be very interested in your results.


Anycbic resin is formulated for an LCD /MSLA printer, so with a laser it will over-cure dramatically, maybe to the point of the print failing.

Under the same light source, MSLA resin cures 6-8 times faster than formlabs resin, which means that in a Form printer it will be 600-800% overexposed.


Hi Dudemeister, have you tried using anycbic resin using openFL? I haven’t had any luck with getting the raft to stick to the plate. (I have moved the home position of the plate from +1 to -1) What laser speed and power combo would you suggest? Knowing it is 6-8 times faster is a big help for my next experimental session!
I have used some “godsaid” resin (Chinese) with the FL black01 resin type and it did stick and printed fully but was rough - not sharp features - hard to describe as I don’t know what over and under exposed looks like really. - I guess over exposed! Thanks for any help you can give. Cheers


I guess I should add some detail… Form 1+ and material file setting for base perimeter and fill down to 20mw and 600mm/s was as far as I got, then I went backwards - not knowing the ‘6-8 faster’ above!! - chasing settings until bewildered!!!