An extremely difficult printing (Apollo and Daphne)

Hi all,

I have recently planned to print this particular model. (3D Printable Apollo and Daphne at the Galleria Borghese, Rome by Scan The World).
And, it seems like the difficulty of print is extream. I see 99+ minima in the most case. Manually adding supports sometimes do not work. I wonder if there would be any great idea for this kind of challenge.

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The automatic support generation algorithm should catch most of these for you, and the minima detection will help to clean up any stragglers. I’d recommend against trying to do those leaves manually. You’ll want to orient this as to minimize supports on those thin leaf structures, and a slight angle in the X and Y axis from upright should do. You should post pictures after you print this!

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@Frew FWIW I decided to open this file and hit One Click Print. After about 5 mins Preform crashed! I was curious to inspect the supports preform would create for the small, intricate parts.

EDIT: Well, after two more attempts I did not get a crash…could have been a fluke.

Amazing model, I can’t wait to see it printed as well!


I would agree that the leaves are the source of the problem. Try making the model larger, as there is a minimum thickness and size the printed material can support, like a leaf, too thin structures will tear away and fail. I’m guessing the leave stems are even smaller. I’ve had a similar problem with model where the long ears, were just too thin and long - the structure did not have enough support. One solution is to remodel the problem areas thicker, but maintaining the delicate illusion visually.

Also!, **check your resin tray thoroughly after the failed print, there is certainly some small pieces that have fallen off the model - in the resin tray. This will contaminate the wiper/window for the next print.

Enjoy, Great Model!

If you can share successful print preform file with support edit I wanted to try as well