Aluminum flakes in all of my tanks - including Biocompatible

Hey all,
Just wanted to let you all know to be on the lookout for shreds of metal flakes in your resin. I happened to notice it in my Biomed Clear when I was inspecting the tank before use. Then I checked all of my other clear resin tanks (Clear V4, Elastic 50A), and they too had flakes of metal in the bottom. I called a few shops and had them check their clear tanks, sure enough, they have metal too. It appears to be coming from the build platform when you scrape a part off and do not thoroughly wash the platform before putting it back in the printer. The little flakes get stuck to the resin, then float away in the tank.

I’ve checked some of my old prints, and sure enough, a handful of them do have metal embedded into them. Probably not a big deal for most cases, but for elastic resin, it will create a stress riser, causing premature failure. For the Biomed Resin, or any of the biomedical resins for that matter, aluminum is absolutely not biocompatible and should not be used for patient use.

If you look for it, look on the far right of the tank on the black adhesive strip, that’s where the wiper stops and tends to leave the build up of material. These flakes are small, like put the tank under a microscope to see them, kind of small. A quick glance makes them look like bubbles, but check again. There are three potential fixes for this: 1) use a plastic scraper, or something softer than aluminum. 2) Completely wash the build platform after every use. 3) use a stainless steel platform.

If you are using a biomedical resin with an aluminum build plate, I would consider that resin no longer biocompatible. Maybe probably ok, depending on your use case, but definitely something to be aware of.

The last picture (with the red arrow) is a part printed with Biomed Clear, following the IFU (medical instructions for use) to the letter, and the arrow is pointing to a rather large aluminum shard in base. Not something I personally would want in an implant that is rated for >30 days of use.

Do any of you see this in your tanks?


I’ve checked and not seen anything but then I’m pretty anal about cleaning the platform between prints (even in the same resin). After a light scraping to be sure it’s not got any stuck bits left, it gets the IPA treatment with paper towel, then IPA lint free wipe, finally a microfibre towelling to dry, all over the platform particularly up the sides too.

I thought biomed materials mandated use of the stainless platform though, because of things like this?

Ah, ya, if you wipe the whole thing down, it should take care of all those lil bits. Regarding the stainless platform and the biocompatible resins, it is not specified as required. The permanent crown resins are the only ones that state the stainless requirement. The IFU for the Biomed specifically says “the build platform” and the photos being used show it being the aluminum platform (black sides). On the store page, the instructions just say “compatible with build platform 2” and nothing else. Even better, somewhere else on their site, it specifically says the build platform 2 is not certified to be biocompatible. So…

I did throw out my aluminum platforms and replaced them all with stainless steel because I don’t want to risk random junk floating around my tank. I also find that the aluminum tanks leaked internally. (It’s just rectangular extrusion with some gasketed caps on both ends).

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