Alcohol vat replacement. (Get a good one)

I had trouble with the original alcohol vats (they didn’t close!!!) so I purchased a replacement on Amazon.

I found these from Lock & Lock, they close perfectly and are the same size as the ones that come with the kit.

In case you are having the same issue, you can find them here: EUR 10.99 (with Prime) USD 13.77 (+ Shipping)


Perfect, I’m having the exact same problems - thanks a bunck for the link.

For those in the UK, this is the link for the same thing -

Great work @Nicolas_Gonzalez_Gar, I’ve been having the same problems as you two are having! and @Steve_Johnstone, thanks for the UK link. Will save me some shipping costs ;). Though I’ll see if I can find a similar product in The Netherlands.

For those who are mainly printing bigger items this might be a replacement vat:

it’s 3.9 ltrs (dimensions: 23x16x16). I know I sometimes have trouble fitting my parts in the formlabs vat and have to turn it and wash it again because the top sticks out. Though I just realise that this would probably create issues with the tray which you use inside the box.

Here’s one I purchased at the Container Store for $14 USD. It has a gasket all the way around in the top lip with a cam action lock. Same dimensions on the sides and about 1-1/2" taller than the originals.

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a link would be very useful :slight_smile: . I’ve searched their website but I can’t seem to find that container… :frowning:

Alex, sorry but I don’t have the label so I can’t find a part number. I was just looking around their store for something more like the original vats but they didn’t have them. They had a few the same size but this was the best for the price. If I get a chance to go down there in the next few days I’ll get the info on these.

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Where did you get that strainer from? Is that part of the cleaning kits now? Looks a lot more solid than the one I’ve got.

Indeed, it doesn’t look like the one that comes with the kit.

Yes, that’s the strainer that came with my Form 1+ about a month ago. Wouldn’t mind getting a second one but they don’t list it as replacement parts… Are you listening FormLabs???

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Here’s that container at the Container Store:

Square Perfect Seal Canister

		3.7 qt. Square Perfect Seal™ Canister Teal Lid 6-1/8" sq. x 8-5/8" h Part # 10059285
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