Add sprues for metal casting like supports for printing

This feature would further cement your lead in 3d printing for casting.

Your pre-form software is really easy to use and the automatic and manual placement of supports is great.

In particular, the way the software shows areas that need support and adjusts those areas when a support is manually added is awesomely easy to understand and follow.

Now, let’s take that idea and apply it to casting metal. Where should the sprues be? Will enough metal get to everywhere?

Parameters would include:

  1. Type of metal being cast.
  2. Temperature of the flask.
  3. Temperature of the molten metal.
  4. Centrifugal or vacuum casting.
  5. Orientation of where the metal is being poured in.

Think how awesome it would be if your software could let us add sprues to funnel metal into where it’s needed and it showed us where the metal will have problems getting into! And then let us add a sprue right then and there and see if that solved the problem.

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