Add "go to sleep after print" checkbox to send-to-printer dialog box


I often print something in the afternoon and print usually completes around 1-2 AM. Since I’m sleeping then the screen shows the same image all night long and I’m starting to wonder if it will burn in or damage the screen in some way. When I wake up the next morning I put printer to sleep and go to work because I can clean the parts only in afternoon. I’d like to see “Go to sleep after print” checkbox on the dialog box that shows when you upload your print to the printer. When print would finish in the night printer would then shut off its screen let’s say 5min after completion. Would that be possible?


Haven’t put the printer to sleep since I first powered it up, no burn-in visible.

Are you using a Form 1 or Form 2 ? At least in the Form 2 the panel is LCD so it won’t show burn-in anyway. Only OLED and Plasma do.

Form 2 panel type as per this article
And this photo

You can put the printer into sleep mode straight after you start a print. It will continue to print with the screen off and the screen will only turn back on when you wake it

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Didn’t know that was even an option. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m using Form 2. Glad to hear that burn-in isn’t a problem for this display. On my work we have LCD panels for security systems that show awful burn in problems so I presumed this would be similar on Form2.

Are those decades old ? Any half-decent, relatively modern LCD should not show burn-in within the expected lifetime of the panel. I don’t think this will be that case with the Form2 screen but then it’s not been out for a decade or more.